Pat Robertson, Broadcaster Who Helped Make Religion Central to GOP Politics, Dies at 93

Pat Robertson, Broadcaster Who Helped Make Religion Central to GOP Politics, Dies at 93

Pat Robertson, a prominent broadcaster and influential figure in American politics, passed away at the age of 93. As the founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and the host of the widely popular “The 700 Club,” Robertson played a significant role in shaping the intersection of religion and Republican politics. Throughout his career, he leveraged his platform to advocate for conservative policies and endorse GOP candidates, leaving a lasting impact on both the media landscape and political landscape of the United States.


Pat Robertson was a highly regarded figure in the realm of religious broadcasting and conservative politics. Born on March 22, 1930, in Lexington, Virginia, he embarked on a journey that would make him a prominent voice in American evangelicalism. Robertson’s influence on GOP politics was instrumental in the rise of the religious right and the intertwining of faith and conservative values within the Republican Party.

Early Life and Career

Robertson’s upbringing and education laid the foundation for his future endeavors. He hailed from a Christian family and had a devoutly religious upbringing. After completing his education, including a law degree from Yale Law School, Robertson delved into various ventures, including a brief foray into politics and business.

Founding of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)

In 1960, Robertson established the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), which would become one of the most influential religious television networks in the world. Initially starting as a small regional station in Virginia, CBN grew rapidly under Robertson’s leadership. Its programming focused on evangelical Christianity, combining religious teachings with news, talk shows, and entertainment.

The 700 Club and Influence on Politics

“The 700 Club,” a flagship program of CBN, catapulted Robertson to national prominence. Launched in 1966, the show offered a blend of religious content, human-interest stories, and interviews. Through “The 700 Club,” Robertson became a trusted source of information and inspiration for millions of viewers. His charismatic persona and conservative viewpoints resonated with a significant portion of the American public.

The program’s influence extended beyond the realm of religion. Robertson used his platform to voice his political beliefs, championing conservative causes and candidates. His endorsement of Republican politicians, including presidents and presidential candidates, helped solidify the relationship between the religious right and the GOP. Robertson’s influence within the Republican Party played a pivotal role in shaping its platform and attracting support from the evangelical community.

Political Activism and Controversies

Apart from his role as a broadcaster, Robertson was actively involved in political activism. He founded organizations such as the Christian Coalition, which aimed to mobilize conservative Christians and promote their participation in politics. However, his political career was not without controversies. Robertson made several controversial statements throughout his life, often drawing criticism from various groups. These incidents included controversial remarks about world events, social issues, and even fellow politicians.

Despite the controversies, Robertson remained influential and continued to exert his political clout. He ran for president in the 1988 Republican primaries but ultimately did not secure the nomination. Nevertheless, his campaign helped solidify the religious right as a potent force within the Republican Party.

Religious and Charitable Work

Beyond his media and political endeavors, Robertson was deeply involved in religious activities. He dedicated his time and resources to various charitable causes, including disaster relief efforts and international humanitarian projects. Through organizations like Operation Blessing, Robertson made a significant impact in providing assistance to those in need, both in the United States and abroad.

Legacy and Impact

Pat Robertson’s legacy is multifaceted and far-reaching. His contributions to the media landscape, particularly through the Christian Broadcasting Network, revolutionized religious broadcasting and paved the way for the growth of similar networks worldwide. Robertson’s political activism and his role in making religion central to GOP politics had a lasting impact on American conservatism. The religious right, largely galvanized by Robertson’s efforts, became a formidable voting bloc within the Republican Party. His efforts helped mobilize conservative Christians, shaping the national conversation on key social and political issues.


For Information, Pat Robertson the influential broadcaster and political figure, leaves behind a legacy that transformed the landscape of religious broadcasting and GOP politics. Through the Christian Broadcasting Network and “The 700 Club,” he reached millions of viewers, disseminating religious teachings alongside political ideologies.

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